The great thing about Android TV boxes are their flexibility and the huge number of apps available in the market. One of the fatest growing areas is streaming TV and companies in every country in the world are developing apps for Android TV streaming.

In this mini article we're going to take a quick look at TV streaming for African channels.

A search on Google Play store reveals numerous apps for "Africa TV" and we installed some on the HPH TV box without any problems:

 africa tv apps android


These all work correctly, however the free apps have very limited capability. If you want to regularly watch African TV channels on your Android smart TV Box you should try out some subscription-based Apps. We found one called "AITV Mobile", which you can learn more about from their website here:

Below is a snippet from the app, where you can see a number of African channels available in the background if you subcribe:


africa tv streaming android

 Another app that advertizes African TV channels is "Global Box", available here:

It's still quite early for regional TV streaming services, but we can be sure that in the coming months and years, more big names in standard TV, cable TV and sattelite TV entertainment will be launching internet based services and their first choice will certainly be to launch on Android.

Betteq is experienced in watching USA and Europe TV channels using Android Apps here from China and Hong Kong, and we can certify that there are apps out there with a good selection of TV channels and stable connections, provided you aren't expecting to see HD quality broadcasting.

Another source for your African TV online is XBMC (Kodi). You can browse for an install add-ons inside XBMC specifically for your African TV needs, please check out our quick guide for how to setup XBMC here.

Let's face it, when you are living in a foreign country, you will absolutely love getting any level of TV quality on your box with all your favourite channels, news, dramas and movies! We do!

Thanks for reading,

The Betteq Team.