In this article we will explain why everyone who enjoys movies, TV, music, games and general and couch-slouching should own a smart TV box. You learn why streaming and viewing the latest ultra-hd content has never been been easier, cheaper and more reliable.


What is a smart TV box?

Let's start with explaining what it is - an Android smart TV box is a receiver the size of a small book, with various inputs (remote control, memory card, WiFi, LAN, Bluetooth etc) and outputs (HDMI, digital audio, analogue audio, coaxial video etc). In between is a powerful but efficient CPU and the Android operating system. To set up, the least you must do is plug the HDMI into a TV, connect the WiFi and control the box with its included remote control. It's similar to using your Android phone on the TV, but you can make the experience more effortless by connecting a mouse and keyboard, just like using your home computer. But with prices starting as low as 80 USD, a smart TV box is exceedingly high value compared to your cell phone or PC. So what can you do with the box? The list is endless, because you can install any app from the Google Play Store. From Skype and What'sapp to Netflix, XMBC, angry, Plex media player, LinkedIn Pulse, Call of Duty and many, many more... Since you can use your Google account on the smart TV box, it's a sinch to sync data automatically (emails, contacts, bookmarks etc) and download all the apps you already have on your phone or tablet. So just plug in, power on, setup and leave the box where it is - just flip it on and play whenever you like.


Why do you need one?

Because your TV is dumb. No matter how well TV makers market their "smart" products, they never have the same capabilities as smart TV box. TV makers have limited space and budget for integrating an Android device directly inside the TV. Once you buy a TV, which you expect to use for at least 3 but maybe 5 or more years, you are locked in to its hardware.


With a smart TV box you can buy the very latest and fastest Android hardware and upgrade after a few years at a fraction of the cost of a whole new TV. You also have the flexibility to move your smart TV to another TV or monitor, take it with you on a trip, install more memory, customize with cameras, controllers and other peripherals with ease. As new media comes out, you can upgrade or tweak your Android smart TV box, but doing the same with your TV system will be more difficult or impossible.


If you don't already own a so called "smart TV" that has built-in Android, there are just too many reasons to buy a smart TV Box, it will genuinely be a mistake not to! Don't mistreat yourself by staying in the dark ages of dumb TV!


Let's go over the main plus points of smart TV receivers.


Number one, movies movies movies! More people are either streaming movies from the net (Netflix, hulu, Google play etc) or storing them on a computer at home for playback. With a TV box you can get the latest apps for streaming over a blazing Internet connection, or setup an ultra-high-definition home media system in just minutes.


Two, convenience: Smart TV boxes are "plug and play", needing no installation, expensive Microsoft Windows or complex and bulky hardware like traditional media center PCs. Since cell phones and tablets can now play the highest quality UHD media and smart TV's run on similar mobile hardware platforms, you don't need expensive Intel or AMD-based computers anymore.


Three, make the most of your TV: Say you just bought a huge 70 inch TV.  Why waste all that screen space just for TV? You can use a smart TV box to browse photos, play music, play games, call your friends, check news,  or even work. Work at the TV!


Four, media everywhere: Put one in your kitchen and check recipes. Put one in the garage and watch those YouTube car maintainance videos. With Google Play, any app you install on one android device can be downloaded to your others with a single click. 


Five, future-proofing: Have an old TV or monitor that's lying about gathering dust? Plug in an Android TV box and give it a new lease of life! Android smart TV boxes are a way of surfing the wave to the future because more and more TV is being delivered over the Internet. Cable , digital and satellite TV will most likely cease to exist in the near future.


Six, economics: Smart TV boxes are cheap but still capable of decoding 4k UHD or Bluray quality movies with Dolby (or DTS) surround sound in lossless digital the HDMI output. You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a media center or even buy a Bluray player, since it's possible to buy HD movies online and stream or store them on your home network for playing later on the TV box. You don't need to buy expensive games consoles to play the thousands of Android games available just a click away. You can also choose a cheaper, less "smart"  TV set in the first place.


So there we have it, plenty of reasons why many people should look at smart TV streamers. Streaming is the future content-delivery method that's already here and growing phenomenally.