XBMC (Kodi) Quick Setup Guide

There are many things you can do with XBMC since it's a not just a player but also a framework for hosting many different sources of media and even programs that you can use to download media and control your smart home. To begin with, you can check out the huge number of "Add-ons" available online, directly through the XBMC App. It isn't immediately obvious how to do this, so we've created the below guide we hope you will find useful.

1) Launch the app

XBMC, now know as "Kodi" can be found pre-installed in the Android TV box. Just locate the app, then launch. Sometimes it will be called "SPMC", which is exactly the same but a version optimized for Rockchip-based TV Box hardware. 

XBMC location

2) Open "Add-ons"

Hover your mouse or button-navigate to the Videos-Add-ons tab and click.

XBMC location

3) Get Add-ons

Normally upon first use, the list of Add-ons will be empty, so click on "Get More"

XBMC location

4) Browse Add-ons

There should be a long list of available add-ons you can browse, so just scroll down and see what fits in with your fancy!

XBMC location

5) If no Add-ons are listed

In some cases this list will also be empty, so you can click on the "XBMC.org" Add-ons button to download the list (note, this may take several minutes and require a restart of the app).

Alternatively, read this article on how to populate with the best list of Add-ons (SuperRepo): How to enable SupeRepo

XBMC location

6) Choose and install your Add-ons

At step 4) above, click on the Add-on you like and then the "INSTALL" button. After a few moments (depending on your internet speed) the Add-on will be activated, so when you return to the Videos-Add-ons screen you will see all the Add-ons you installed. Click on the Add-on to open and start watching videos! Below you can see some of the Add-ons we installed:

XBMC location

7) Choose your categories

In most Add-ons you will be presented with a list of categories / folders, sometimes in a list view, sometimes you can also choose a thumbnail view, like below. Click on a category.

XBMC location

8) Choose a video

Now you can see all the available Live TV Streams / Videos / Movies - just click on one to beging watching.

XBMC location

9) Watching

A video screen should come up, and when you click anywhere you can view media information and controls. Note in the below picture our Android box blacked out the video stream when we captured the screen-shot as a copyright protection measure - normally your video will be where the blackness is!

XBMC location

10) Make Add-ons visible on home screen

To allow launching your favorite streams faster, follow this guide to bring them to the main XBMC screen: Create Shortcuts on XBMC Home Screen

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